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Mr Sandhu’s secretary:
Miss Radka Louis
Tel 0207 486 0022
Fax 0207 486 5318
Email radka@harleyent.com



"My experience with Dr Sandhu was amazing and he is indeed a unique person and doctor. He has been very warm and welcoming ever since I first visited his office, and he is patient and willing to listen."

M. Miserlis


"Ten years ago my left vocal cord was paralysed and it proved difficult to do my job as a headmaster. I was sent to Mr Guri Sandhu in late February and by March my voice had been restored. I am absolutely delighted. My life has changed. It has been brilliant. Quite simply, Mr Sandhu is the very best."

N. Lovell


"I would like to thank you for the excellent care and attention you have afforded me over the last few weeks. The result of my operation was far better than I had anticipated and you made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole situation."

C. Miller


"Guri Sandhu not only saved my life, but through tremendous skill, dexterity and determination, managed to save my vocal cords and enable me to speak without losing my voice box through cancer."

J. Ramsey


“It is with great pleasure that I write this ‘testimonial’. In April 2010, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) and spent 2 months in hospital. My recovery from GBS exceeded all doctors’ expectations however I was subsequently diagnosed with bilateral vocal cord paralysis and discharged from hospital with a tracheostomy. For seven months I was seen by ENT consultants who all diagnosed my vocal cord paralysis as a side effect of GBS and I was advised to “be patient”. At my last appointment in October, I was advised to come back in a further 6 months. At this time a neurologist referred me to Mr Sandhu and within just five weeks of my initial consultation my tracheostomy was out! Mr Sandhu diagnosed my condition as “post-intubation glottis stenosis”. The following week Mr Sandhu carried out laser surgery to my vocal cords. Three weeks later I was back in hospital again but this time for decannulation of my tracheostomy. Mr Sandhu has changed my life and also my families’ lives. I feel very fortunate to have met Mr Sandhu. Without him I would no doubt still have my tracheostomy and still be unable to read to my little boy.”

H. Anderson


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